21 Alarming Signs That Say Your Body is Lacking Calcium

Calcium is the only nutrient that can be found in every cell tissue of your body. Probably bone health and tissue health comes in our mind, whenever we think about calcium.

But the fact is sufficient amount of calcium is need for every part of our body to reduce certain health issues like heart problems, muscle aches and cramps, irregular body pressure and increasing of bad cholesterol in the body.

Unfortunately, many people are not getting enough calcium from their diet and that’s the reason United States have recommended for adequate intake of calcium through diet or from supplements. Therefore, there are number of factors that can lower the calcium present in the body.

Some of them include:

  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Kidney diseases
  • High sodium intake
  • Medications
  • Excessive intake of sodium
  • High intake of phosphorous through cool drinks and sodas

Whatever, it may be here are 21 alarming sings of your body that you are lacking in calcium.


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